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Társasági hírek

Hírkategória: Általános
  • ERA-EDTA Statement on the 2020 Congress
    [2020.03.11.] - MANET - Hírkategória: Általános
    Dear Colleagues,

    In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are in a unique situation which is unfolding on a daily basis. We are fully aware of the increasing numbers of travel restrictions being placed on healthcare providers and hospitals and we are carefully monitoring updates and recommendations from, amongst others, The World Health Organisation (WHO).

    Nobody can predict, with certainty, what the situation will be in June. The health, safety and well-being of all – members, staff, exhibitors, invited guests - who participate in our annual congress is paramount. That said, now more than ever, the ERA-EDTA is committed to delivering important science and education knowledge to its members. The situation we find ourselves in is unprecedented and the ERA-EDTA Council is evaluating how best to deliver our annual congress.

    With this in mind, we confirm that our congress WILL CONTINUE as planned on the originally scheduled dates of June 6-9, 2020 and ask you to please save these dates. HOWEVER, the congress will NOT proceed in its usual format.
    There will be a significant virtual component and Staff and Council are hard at work establishing the optimal way to deliver this to you. As an organisation, we have always been open minded and prepared to rise to any challenge, however impossible it may seem. Our annual congress is our flagship event and in 2020 we will undertake a first for the Nephrology community and deliver a novel, innovative and environmentally friendly congress.

    We believe for the safety, but also for the morale of our community, this is the best way to proceed. At present, we are evaluating the possibility of an onsite meeting which will run in parallel but be shorter i.e. over one day only. Of course, this would only proceed if the healthcare situation improves and travel restrictions are lifted.

    We will not falter in our commitment to you, our members, and hope to provide you with education, resources and the opportunity to network with your peers – even if this is online rather than in person – whilst still enabling you to remain safe and to care for your patients.

    Please stay tuned and we will circulate more detailed information very shortly.

    Best wishes,

    The ERA-EDTA Council